Saratoga Springs Gutter Maintenance

Saratoga Springs Gutter MaintenanceIt seems like knowing when to clean your Saratoga Springs gutters is pretty simple– you visually inspect them and if you see clogs, then it’s time to break out the ladder. However, some signs that you really need to clean your gutters out before you have bigger problems are easily missed if you aren’t paying attention. Read the following tips to see if it’s high time for you to get your hands in the gutter.


  • See peeling paint? It could be an indication that your gutters are leaking and need fixing or replacing. Any sign of mold could indicate the same.
  •  Do you see any discoloring of your home’s siding? Wind can blow water from clogged gutters onto your home’s exterior, causing discoloration. That means it’s time to clean!
  • Check to see that your gutters are hanging properly. If they become weighed down with clogs and debris can cause a gutter to sag, which can allow waters to seep behind the gutter and leak into your home.
  • Take a moment to check out your basement and foundation, too. If the basement is damp or if your foundation has developed cracks, your gutters may not be performing optimally, letting water overflow and pool near the base of the house.
  •  Walk around your yard and look for indication that water is eroding soil.  Signs of this include topsoil being worn away or water pooling on formally smooth surfaces. This can indicate that your gutters are not installed in an optimal spot. An experienced Saratoga Springs gutter company can evaluate your gutters and re-position them for optimal drainage.
  • Make sure that you inspect your gutters several times a year, especially if you live in an area of Saratoga Springs with a lot of tree cover or receive a lot of snow during the winter. Snow in winter can melt at different rates at different spots on your roof due to the sun’s position,  which can cause little ice dams that back up water.

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