Guide To Gutter Types & Styles

Sarasota Springs Gutter Types and StylesNot many people think about gutters and what they do for a house. We never think about them until they stop working or start hanging off the roof. Then the rain pours over the side, the leaves get clogged in it, and ugly stains drip down the side of the house. Gutters work hard but are silent, which is why we don’t give them much thought. If your home has no gutters or you actually take a look and see what bad shape they’re in, you’ll want to know about the different types and styles.

Mountain Top Seamless Gutters has installed gutters in Saratoga Springs since 2005. We can tell you about the different types and styles available so you can make the right decision for your home.

Gutter Types

Custom gutters are custom fit to your home. The most popular custom gutter is the seamless type. Seamless gutters won’t disconnect at joints because there are no joints. The result after installation is a smooth line all the way from one end to the other. There are many different styles available in seamless gutters. Traditional gutters come in standard size sections and are joined together with connective pieces.

Half-round gutters – These are great to enhance the architectural style of any home. They are very popular in new custom-built homes of both traditional and contemporary styles. They are sometimes the only option if there is crown molding, steep angle fascia or if the roof is metal or slate.

K-style seamless – The letter K is vaguely represented in the shape of a K-style gutter. It is more apparent when looking at it from the side. This guttering system is custom fabricated onsite from sheets of aluminum but is also formed in 10-foot sections by a manufacturer. They can be made of aluminum, vinyl, copper, or galvanized steel. This gutter style is the hardest to clean and they have sharp edges that debris catches on.

Copper seamless gutters – Copper and bronze are some of the most durable rain gutter systems. They are amazingly beautiful. While they do cost a little more to install, they last. Copper gutters in the seamless style are custom fabricated.

Seamless Gutters vs. Seamed Gutters

Sectioned gutters are the more affordable option over seamless gutters. Each homeowner would have to decide what is most important for them. Some prefer seamless because they don’t fall apart or sag like standard gutters do. They also like the streamlined look and the hidden fasteners. If you like the new gutters that look like crown molding at the roof line, you’ll find that they are seamless.

Yes, You Do Want To Install Gutter Protection

You would not believe how much maintenance you can save by installing gutter protectors. Unless the debris is kept out of the gutters and downspouts regularly, the system cannot do its work. You wind up with water soaked leaves at the roof line and water pouring down the side of the house every time it rains. Seriously consider gutter protection when your old system gets replaced and you will thank yourself later.

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